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Day 3: So I’ve slipped up a few times!

Okay I slipped up a few more times but in my justification, I am struggling more than I expected. Classes are a lot more busier now and I didn’t  plan things like I would of like to of done. I think I must owe about £15 to the donation pot.  It will get easier thou.

I must say that everyone  I have come across have been brilliant, especially the children, the Little Dragons classes went amazingly too and that was the one I was most anxious about. I did get the chance to join in the class thou as Xav and Bryony did a really awesome job in taking it  The great thing about that age, they copy really well and don’t seem to have the filters like us older generation!

I also want to say how brilliant Bryony is being,  as the times I have been caught of guard, she has given me the look which would instantly tell anyone there is something wrong!

As I am in the middle of writing this, it just cost me about £40, I’ve just seen somebody outside our doors looking at the signage and I went straight into sales mode and let him know all the benefits of putting his children into our martial arts classes. it wasn’t until I came back in and Xav reminded that its a £ a word, it was probably heading more towards 50 words if I’m honest! DOH!!!  Okay, it was a hell of a lot easier 8 years ago!

I do feel a little disappointed with how many slip ups I have made but that is just me and I think it in the make up of a martial artist. We are often over critical, wanting to be perfect but on the other hand, I have learnt that perfection is also one of the worst attributes to have that  holds people back on getting things done.  It is also one of the biggest influences with regards to somebody suffering from depression or low self esteem, the person that they want to be is not  who they are. The secret is to learn to accept yourself and enjoying the journey while working on yourself to become a better version of who you were yesterday.  Its why our slogan is “Reaching your full potential”  This week of silence so far is doing a good job of reminding me of these things.

Another thing that I have learnt is that I really do moan now a days! Okay I am really sounding negative here  but sometimes the truth hurts and if you can’t own that truth then we can’t change ourselves.  Most of the time when I want to speak, its normally because I’m going to have a rant!  It could be just the pressures that we face when leading a busy life or a part of getting older but I really don’t want become a grumpy old man. I best start working on this fast lol.

This evening classes that I am taking is our Ledbury classes, that’s going to be an  interesting one as the Ledbury Junior grade Kung Fu kids class at 5 pm has a lot of beginners in now and its just me, Bryony and Our SWAT member Vaughan taking the class, Bryony and Vaughan are fab but they are not yet used to teaching whole classes so I will be looking for them to be my voice tonight!

Once again, thank you to everyone for all your support, the donations are still coming in and we have just topped over £500 in our gofundme page which is fab.