Have you got what it takes to be part of the coaching team?

Becoming part of the coaching team is your path to becoming an instructor. Matt Hudd Martial Arts carries out in-house training, giving you the confidence and skills to run your own club. After reading this page, if you still think you have what it takes, please let Matt know.

Become a Coach

Who can become a coach?

Matt relies on the help of his coaches to make the classes run smoothly. The BCCMA guidelines for child to coach ratios are 8-10 per coach, and for adults, 18-20 per coach. Such ratios exist not only for health and safety purposes, but to enable students to work within their own smaller, graded sections. Students progress faster by learning from other experienced students.

What grade do I need to be to start coaching?

The training process can begin as soon as a student passes their first grading. Matt stresses that you should not think you are not good enough for the role of instructor; it takes years to achieve a high standard, but as a coach, you can expect to progress at a much faster rate. There will always be beginners coming into class where you can work on your coaching skills.

Become a Coach

What does it take?

Dragon Fitness Academy accepts that coaching is not for everyone. Whilst all are welcome to embark on the instructor training programme, only those achieving the required standard will be accepted as an instructor. Being fantastic at martial arts does not cut it; it takes somebody special to be a good coach. Somebody who has a good degree of self-awareness and wants to get better. You also need great people skills; such skills can be learnt if you have the general awareness of what needs to be changed to progress and don’t allow your ego to stand in the way of improvement.

Coach's responsibilities

With coaching comes responsibility; this is even more so with children. Be honest with what you are teaching and only teach what you know. If you are asked a question that you are not sure of, be honest and say something like, “good question”, and say you will have to find out; ask Matt or one of the other senior coaches. A full list of the coach’s responsibilities can be downloaded here.

Become a Coach

The Benefits

There are huge benefits of becoming an instructor; perhaps someday you’ll run your own club or school. In teaching others, you are continuously analysing your own teaching and techniques. You should always want to stay on top of your game and continuously be learning new things to pass on to junior students.

Martial arts is all about self-development and getting out of your comfort zone. No matter what level you have reached in terms of personal growth, there is always something that you can be improving on. Matt often uses his example of being a child and being scared to read part of a book in class or speaking up at meetings. He would never have dreamt that he would have been teaching martial arts to a hall full of people.

Become a Coach

Qualifications and Training

Most of the training is carried out in house. If you would like to get involved, let Matt know. He will then slowly encourage you to help with students that are under your grade. He will assess you at all times to see how confident you are and how well you demonstrate your communication skills. Every now and then the academy holds informal coaching classes and you will be invited to attend to learn new skills and find out how Matt wants the classes run. It would be an advantage if you could help out in the children’s classes occasionally, as teaching children requires different skills to teaching adults. You will also need to learn the children’s syllabus.

Matt Hudd Martial Arts has access to the Sports Development Team’s training courses which are registered with Sport England. These courses include First Aid at Work; Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Diversity Training. Matt would encourage you to participate in the courses as and when they arise, especially if you would like to coach children. You will also need to apply for an enhanced DBS check. To take on the role, you would have obtained a DBS certificate which has had clearance and would have completed a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certificate.

The last qualification you will need is level 1 or 2 Coaching, obtained through our governing body, the BCCMA. You do not need to attend this until you have achieved Brown belt or equivalent. Having accomplished all of this, you are set to go as a qualified coach. If you did intend to open up your own club you will also need public liability insurance.



Being a coach is an amazingly rewarding job, bringing many satisfactions. It also takes dedication, commitment and time. Matt has been teaching for 15 years and is still learning and evolving as a teacher.

A Word of Warning

As mentioned earlier, there are many responsibilities which lie in becoming a coach, it is like anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. If you are keen, then please think about the responsibility seriously. Children get used to seeing the same coaches and miss regular faces. When you have a duty to people, you cannot be at home thinking, “I am too tired to go to class tonight”. In 15 years of training, Matt has missed only one lesson whilst being rushed to hospital in an ambulance; even then he managed to get the class covered.


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