Chinese Kickboxing

Chinese Kickboxing is the name given to Matt’s own system, based on the Chinese martial art Sanshou which was originally developed by the Chinese military and later became their national sport.

Our Chinese Kickboxing classes are held on Monday’s at 6.30 pm and Thursdays at 7.30 pm. Both classes are suitable for beginners. 

Our Chinese Kickboxing classes attract people from all walks of life, all wanting different things from it. It can be a great activity to add to your fitness regime, lose weight or to learn self defence. There is also the chance to enter competitions for those that want to challenge themselves in that way.

Please do not get put off if you are thinking that you are too old and not flexible enough to take part, the way that we run our classes really makes it suitable for everyone. It really is up to you, how much you want to put into it. You can train just to help with fitness or you can take it more seriously and go through the grades and aim for getting your blackbelt.