Chinese Kickboxing

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Chinese Kickboxing is the name given to Matt's own system, based on the Chinese martial art Sanshou which was originally developed by the Chinese military and later become their national sport.


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The main classes consist of a high energetic workout consisting of Kickboxing techniques leaving you exhilarated and wanting more.

You do not need to worry about fitness; we understand that most people who start exercise do it to get fit, not to get fitter. Our friendly Coaches have been trained in teaching beginners to experienced martial artists.

Our Chinese kickboxing classes are perfect if you want to lose weight, gain confidence, learn self-defence or enter competitions.


What makes Chinese Kickboxing different to standard kickboxing?


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Matt has spent over 20 years studying Chinese martial arts and their philosophies. A lot of kickboxing is just kicking, punching and learning to spar. It tends to miss out the science behind the techniques. Chinese martial arts have been developed over thousands of years and teach you to use your body to gain the maximum effort. They have also been designed so that you learn to use your body in the safest way to maximise your health. Look at Tai Chi for example, people practice Tai Chi for health benefits but it is one of the most effective and devastating martial art there is.

Matt Hudd Martial Arts aim to make all our classes as enjoyable as possible while still keeping our students safe. That is why all our students have all the safety equipment needed. All necessary equipment can be purchased straight from us or borrowed in a lesson so you need never worry about safety.

In our classes, we teach students the correct techniques involved in martial arts, we remain true to the traditions of martial arts by keeping the etiquette and discipline that has been a part of martial arts for thousands of years. We show our students control in fighting as well as forms that we use to demonstrate every technique as well as grade people for belts. We also concentrate on getting our students fitness level to the best they can be, but don't worry about how unfit you feel, with our exciting syllabus you get fit without realising it.


"For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes maybe a lifetime."
Bruce Lee




7:20pm: 16 Coningsby Street, Hereford. HR1 2DY


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