Thanks for putting your faith in us for delivering this training online.
This Kung Fu Kids Online Syllabus has been designed as a support and reference source for all our Kung Fu Kids students.
This will aid in practising the techniques taught in classes and to help parents and carers better understand what is needed for each grading.
We hope you find this series of videos a useful tool and, as with all our lessons, please let us know if there is anything you don’t understand or need help with.

Don’t forget even as you work your way into the higher grades it’s always useful to revisit and keep practising the basics.
These videos will allow you to keep working on earlier techniques to develop a better understanding & improve throughout your Martial Arts journey.

Enjoy, and remember Sifu Matt’s Three Secrets for good Martial Arts;

  1. Practise
  2. Practise Harder
  3. Practise Even Harder!

To access the course ;