Kung Fu Kids Junior Grades

Our Kung Fu Kids classes offer something for all types of children with a strong emphasis on leadership skills and confidence building while teaching them tolerance, compassion and respect for themselves and other people.


For beginners and Junior Grades (White to Orange Belt) our classes start at 17:15 on Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays and at 10:00 on Saturdays as well as a class in Ledbury at 17:00 on Tuesdays. These classes are perfect for beginners as we have plenty of coaches on hand to help the newer students pick up the techniques. It is in these classes that we work on the etiquette of the martial arts just as much as the techniques.

Why choose us

In martial art classes words like discipline, respect and confidence are often mentioned, we believe that we go one step further and want our students to fully understand what it takes to master not only Kung Fu but life itself. We pride ourselves in our ability to teach students to reach their full potential and to understand that we all have weak areas that need working on. Children should not be allowed to fill inadequate because they are not as strong in certain areas than others but with the right mindset they can get better at those things if they choose to.

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