Kung Fu Kids Senior Grades

Our Kung Fu kids classes offer something for all types of children with a strong emphasis on leadership skills and confidence building while teaching them tolerance, compassion and respect for themselves and other people.


Once our Kung Fu Kids reach green belt, and they have taken on board the martial etiquette they then get invited to join our Senior Grades. These classes start at 18:30 on Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays and at 11:15 on Saturdays as well as a class in Ledbury at 18:00 on Tuesdays.

Our Kung Fu kids’ classes run for 45 minutes, and we offer a free month’s trial period so you can make sure that your children really want to commit before making any payments. We do have our own uniform that we ask you to purchase if they are happy to join where they also will receive their first belt (White) and a licence book to record all their grades. During the free period, children can wear their own clothes, please make sure that they are loose fitting like joggers and a t shirt so that they can kick and punch freely.

Why choose us

As we value our promises that we make to parents with regards to creating confident, disciplined, and happy children, we do only offer a minimum of twice a week training. We do not feel that we can give what we promise when children are only training once a week. This also helps with the progression and development of your child. This is another reason why we give away a free month so we can prove to you how our classes can benefit your child.

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