Life needs to be difficult!

Having a past history of low self esteem, depression and self loathe has given me a lot of battles in life, mainly with myself. This is why I’d rather use the term self protection rather than self defence as I believe the biggest enemy to defeat is within ourselves and our own minds. However the more battles we face in life the stronger it makes us and puts you in a better position to help other people.

As we get older, we have so many skills and knowledge to pass down to people and it is only now that I feel so lucky to of had so many ups and downs and through martial arts I have had the ability to pass on words of wisdom to our younger students. I really do feel grateful to be able to do this and in the last year I have had a lot more compliments from parents than normal.

Last week, one of my younger students who is just 7 year old student came up to me after his class and said that I was a great instructor. To be honest I was very taken back by this and felt bad because I had to ask him to say it again as I thought I had misheard him. Its not hard to be great, we all have it in us but if your like me, it doesn’t feel right to call yourself great but what are we waiting for?

We all have the ability to be great and to change peoples lives, yesterday when I got home I felt tired and pretty exhausted after a long week but when I reflected on the past week and the amount of compliments and feedback I have had, it felt better than any amount of money or material items I have ever had.

If you want to live a happy life, put making other people happy on the top of your to do list 🙂

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