Matt Hudd Martial Arts CIC is affiliated or has connections with a number of Associations and private individuals.

British Council For Chinese Martial Arts

The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts was set up in accordance with the UK Sports Council’s guidelines in 1973 and was granted Sports council Governing Body status in 1980. In 2013 Dragon Fitness Academy was proud to of been accepted as member of the BCCMA. The aims and objectives of ‘the Council’ are very simple, they are to:

To promote the study and safe practice of Chinese Martial Arts and regulate as far as possible, the ever-growing numbers of clubs and organisations claiming to teach Chinese Martial Arts.

Shi Kon Martial Arts

Matt Hudd’s instructors Steve Rowe’s association website. Steve is a 9th dan martial artists and in Matt’s opinion is one of the most influential Martial Artists in the UK. Matt trains with Steve at least once a month and is a Tai Chi instructor under his system. This website also has a link to Steve’s blog which is a fascinating read, not only on martial arts but how to live life in general. https://shikon. com/