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Teaching children to fight young!

At 48 years of age, I am hoping that I will never need to use my martial arts for self defence ever again but I still practice just in case.

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Chantal and Amy

Swapping Therapy for Martial Arts

I was taking to a student the other day who has suffered from poor mental health for various reasons. What they said, took me back a little.

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Simple is never easy!

“Simple is not easy” is a term that is used in Martial Arts frequently but what does it really mean. I often describe mediation as the same.

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You can really see the difference now!

Its been 5 years this year since I decided make Matt Hudd Martial Arts, formally Dragon Fitness Academy, an independent Martial Art Association.

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Teaching Children Self-defence

Kids love Martial Arts classes so why is it that the there is still only a minority of kids training in the arts? In my opinion it should be taught...

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3 rules

Our 3 Rules

My 3 rules that I teach to the kids, well strictly not mine as they are taken from my instructor.

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10 reasons

10 Reasons why a joining a martial arts class is better than a gym membership

It is that time of year again when regular gym users dread.

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What you get from training in a Matt Hudd Martial Art Class

When you turn up to one of our martial art lessons, you may be thinking you are turning up to learn some form of martial art style.

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Being grateful and mindfulness

I have often liked spending time on my own, I meditate, not quite as much as I’d like which is one reason why I’m so much into mindfulness.

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Some added benefits from studying Tai Chi!

I've always said that Tai Chi teaches you so many things.

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Is service what it’s made out to be?

I’d like to discuss topic that is often talked about by people that have made a success of their lives.

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black belt

Why is the Black belt just the beginning?

Black belts in the martial arts will often say that getting a black belt is just the beginning but what does this mean? I can only speak from my own...

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