There are many barriers that stop people attending Martial Arts classes. The biggest is not knowing what to expect and feeling intimidated by it being full of really fit people doing lots of high kicking etc. This is not what our classes are about. There may be some young teenagers that may be able to get their heads around their head but the majority of people in our classes are normal folk just wanting to improve their own fitness and have a passion for Martial Arts.

These are the Frequently asked questions which we get the most. If there is anything that isn’t answered, then please email or phone us up for a chat and we will be happy to answer any unanswered questions that you may have.

Our lessons are designed to increase your fitness as you progress. I hear so many times from people that they are waiting to get fitter before joining. One great thing about Martial Arts classes is that it’s like having your own personal trainer. Matt and his team are there to help you achieve your goals and with the grading system in place where you go for different colour belts, this gives students something to go for and with each belt, you’re fitness needs to improve but you get plenty of help and guidance along the way. We also teach exercises that you can perform at home, the more you practice, the more skilled you will become and the fitter you will get.

Joggers/shorts and a t-shirt are fine, don’t come in clothes that will restrict your movement. Bare feet or appropriate martial arts shoes please.

I do get people just turning up but I would rather people make an appointment by phone, email or use the booking form. This makes it easier to plan the classes and is also respectful to let us know that you are coming.

Because we understand that not everyone is interested in sparring and there is a lot more to martial arts than the competitive side we do NOT do sparring in the main adult classes. However, we do hold separate sparring sessions for students that want to compete or just want to do it for fun or fitness. To gain a black belt in our Chinese Kickboxing syllabus it is compulsory to of had a certain amount of experience in sparring.

We appreciate that you have trained hard to get a 1st dan. We set high standards for our blackbelts, it is not just being good at techniques but also being a good character. It also depends on what martial art you have been studying. If you meet the right criteria, we will grade you as long as you learn and understand our syllabus, will award you to the standard we think you are. I have studied under great instructors and different arts and I would always expect to start at the bottom unless the instructor of that style thinks differently.

All the prices are on the prices tab on the website.

We do supply equipment i.e gloves and pads. Most people, once they have decided they are going to continue training like to buy their own, if it is just for hygienic reasons.

There are no hidden costs, we like to be as transparent as we can. The main things you will be expected to purchase is our uniform (£35), a licence book and insurance (£25 and renewable every year) and the monthly training fee. All other things like training equipment you can get through us or get yourself. We also hold grading's where students get assessed for the next belt, these are held every 3 months and cost £30. This does not mean you will be grading every 3 months thou as with each belt, students have to wait a bit longer between grading's and it is important to keep our standards high and not grade students before they have reached the desired standard.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept paying per lesson anymore. As a CIC company, all our surplus profits get put back into our club so that we can grow and get our message into the community. By our members paying via Direct debit, it is more transparent for everyone to see and makes our lives a lot easier, so we can concentrate on giving great classes rather than worry about taking cash in the lessons.

We teach children from 3 years and upwards, please check our list of classes on our Facebook page or check the website and get in touch to book your child onto a free trial lesson.

We have many classes in various areas in Herefordshire. For a list of our Classes, please check our FB pages or the website which is updated regularly. The Tuesday Ledbury classes are held at Burgage hall, Church Lane, HR8 1DW.

We do encourage people to pop down for a free taster session on their first visit as you can’t really experience the benefits from watching but if you are a bit apprehensive, you would be more than welcome to watch a class first.