Session Safety

Session Safety


There are some important changes in place to prioritise your safety in these challenging times. We are adhering to all Government regulations and going far beyond, as your safety is our top priority. Please be aware that all classes are currently running at limited capacity and you will need to book your sessions in advance online.

To make our training sessions as safe as possible for all to attend,
we have had to change the structure of how the classes are run and also the layout. 

Training Area

To keep Social distancing, we have marked out 2 metre squared boxed in the training area.

This still allows us enough room to have a metre gap running down the centre for a coach to walk down to help students with corrections 

and there is also a cut off area at the end to give enough room for the instructor to stand. 

Entrance & Exit


When entering the centre, there are arrows running in the direction students need to go to get onto the matted area.

Please leave you shoes neatly by the side underneath the notice boards.
When the class finishes, students exit on the side by the counter, one at a time to collect their shoes.
To exit the centre, there will arrows on the floor to direct you to the grey door (normally used for staff to open up) to leave through.

General Info

Unfortunately at this time being, we can not allow parents to watch their children

The only exception’s are for the Little Dragons Classes and children that have additional needs.

Please maintain social distancing at all times.

There is 30 minutes between each class to allow ample time for picking up and dropping off.