Simple is never easy!

“Simple is not easy” is a term that is used in Martial Arts frequently but what does it really mean. I often describe mediation as the same. How hard can it be just to sit still for 20 mins and let thoughts come and go. It really is that simple but many people struggle with it. In Martial Arts, instructors often state “keep it simple”, something I often say to my students but then I notice the vague confused look in their eyes. People learn in so many different ways but I often find that the students that think a lot and really want to get things right are the ones that find things harder to grasp. I am one of those students but after 40 years of studying Martial Arts I have learnt to just go with things and eventually with practice things will sink in. 

Our system of Kung Fu I must admit on the surface is pretty complex which is one of the reasons I find it so fascinating but once you understand the principles, it really is simple. In today’s world people have lost the art of moving in a natural way with computers, sofa’s to lounge on, cars to drive. There is a reason why Kung Fu is taken from animals, animals don’t think, they act on instinct and move in a natural way. 

In my classes, I often teach the advance syllabus to the junior students so they can see the reasons why they are learning what they need for the earlier grades. It is like a big jigsaw that you’ve just opened. As you start to put it together, you slowly see the picture. There are thousands of different quotes or metaphors within the Martial Arts, some of my favourites are “Confusion is good, it’s what you should be in every class” the reason being, when you are confused it’s when you are learning, confusion happens before a “aha” moment. Another one is that “every black belt should be made to feel like a white belt at least once a month”. As I’m often saying, “to grow you need to get out your comfort zone”. 

The reason for this random blog was from today’s Kung Fu lesson. It was good lesson and we covered a few joint locks, syllabus work, a bit of self-defence and concrentrated on one of our basic walks. This may of seemed a lot in an hours lesson but it all linked up to the same underlying principles of our Kung Fu system. It really is not that hard once you understand our 8 principles, which are Posture, Feet, Relaxation, The breath, Mindset, The wedge , Power and Spiralling. It really is that simple. 

The Kung Fu that we teach is a hybrid system mainly consisting of Southern Chinese styles. Matt has studied and trained in Lau Gar Kung Fu for a good duration of his martial art journey and has also had a love for Wing Chun Kung Fu. Both styles utilises close quarter fighting and low kicks which are more realistic in a street fighting scenario. Matt doesn’t like the thought of styles being restricted to a particular way and believes all have weak and strong points, all depending on what the student wants to achieve. Our Kung Fu system combines hard and soft style techniques to create a comprehensive martial art. Our aim is to develop the whole martial artist, by training the body, the mind and the spirit, In addition to physical body conditioning and the teaching of forms and applications, meditation is an integral part of the training.

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