Social media and happiness

I imagine I am not alone when I say I have mixed views on Social media. I have often said if it wasn’t for the business I would quite happily close my Social media accounts down.  I am not sure if I would thou but I certainly believe I would have a lot more control of my life. Just recently I have been working being without my mobile phone for longer periods during the day as I’m noticing  that it seems to be more attached to me than ever before. 
The mobile seems to of taken over from the TV,  even when we seem to watch TV, people still seem to have their heads in their phones. Before mobiles, the TV was the only way that daily information would go into your subconscious, apart from reading material that is. Myself and my partner don’t watch an awful lot of TV, I don’t watch the news, I have not brought a paper since Lady Diana passed away in the late 90’s, that was the first time I really knew anything of the paparazzi and how bad the media was, so social media is the only way that I know what is going on this world.  As I’m writing this, I am realizing how bad that seems but isn’t it the same for most people? 

Our subconscious is taking in everything that we experience, everything that we read and watch. As I have often said, this is why everything that you take in becomes your reality. It is really scary when you think about it.  Your unconscious doesn’t know what is true and what isn’t, your logical mind, the conscious bit thinks that it has control and that it is intelligent enough to filter out the bullshit but that isn’t the part of you that drives you to do what you do with your life! .  There is a saying that your life is influenced by your circle of your 5 closest friends or acquaintances. I can see now why I made the decision to move away from my family and friends at 26 years of age was one of the best things I did. I was accused of running away from my problems and that you can’t run as you always take your problems with you. The fact is I was too much stuck in a world that didn’t match my values and I had to get out to start my healing process. 

I’m going off on a tangent again, getting back to social media, and my love/hate relationship I have with it. I do have quite a few social media accounts on different platforms but Facebook is the one that likes to control us and is still is the most popular. If it wasn’t for Facebook I would not of met and trained with a fraction of the people I have, before Social media hit us people used to  advertise in magazines and by the time you read it, the seminar or course they were advertising in, the event had already been and gone. Then there’s all the friends that I have rekindled a digital friendship with and old school mates. I’ve also got friends that I wouldn’t want to be 10 miles near on my list too! When you really think about it, its a weird and quite frightening life that we live in. It sometimes seems to be like a constant replay of the Jeremy Kyle show! 
Then there’s the business side of things, okay, it is getting a bit more expensive and Facebook do like to keep the goal posts moving so that your advertisement reach may work one day and then its crap the next but going back to the days of advertising in the weekly local times, you would spend £100 and may get one inquiry if you were lucky. The paper was used for one day before going in the trash.; Now I can reach thousands of people for £30 and if you really know what you are doing, it can be free. I can put videos out so people can get to know who I am before turning up to class. In that way its brilliant. 

Are we all being Controlled?

I am not into conspiracy theories, nor am I into scare mongering people which does seem to be the theme recently, however as far back as humans began to trade, there has been a degree of higher power trying to control others. In fact, I would go as far as humans probably do need to have someone controlling things, as now a days, a lot of humans would just run havoc without being controlled.  I’m not going to go into detail with politics and religion, all I ask if you haven’t done so, look into why Christianity came into this country. A really good book is Sapiens written by Yuval Noah Harari.   

Of course it is in there best interest for us all to get addicted to these things,   I believe that we all need to start realizing how much this digital world is consuming us and start taking control back into our lives. It really is the younger generation that worries me as they can’t remember a time without it so it is the norm for then. 

Take the red notification button or the like button on Facebook foe example, they knew very well how humans work and the need that people want to be liked. They played on our vulnerabilities to make a multi million company. I am only giving you a tip of the ice berg to use as an example and I really don’t know how much Facebook is worth. As usual, these are just my own thoughts and I am not saying its fact. I’m just throwing it up there for you to do your own research. 

Taking back some control!

As mentioned in the first paragraph,  I have been trying hard to leave my phone behind to enjoy the moment rather than being glued to it.  My excuse or justification for being so attached to it is its my work and I am on call for most part of the day, I like to be reachable, within reason to all my students but come 10 pm at night, I like to switch off and ignore it.  I have tried having a work phone and a personal one but it just got confusing. Something that I may try again sometime now that I do have other people working in the business with me. Only last night, I left my phone in the kitchen to charge up while I was in the garden, it was another pleasant evening, I could hear other people talking and having a laugh in some neighboring gardens. For some reason, I have always enjoyed the sound of people having fun, I’ve been with other people and they have had a moan because the children are too loud!  People are allowed to have fun, yes nobody likes loud screaming kids but get over it. Move somewhere else if its that bad. I have moved a round a lot over my life and I never really thought about this like I did last night. It might seem such a small thing but when I thought about it, its what we are all about, we feed off other peoples happiness. Its so obvious really, if somebody is miserable or unhappy in a room, everyone feeds off that emotion, the old saying “you could cut the tension with a knife” is one classic example. I wrote about service before and it all goes back to that. The more you can help other people be happy, the more content and inner happiness you will feel. This is one quote that I try to remember when ever I teach. 

This has been a long rounded blog to make my point (nothing new there then) but linking it all up with Social media, the fact how much we are being caught up in false shit, lies and negativity in not healthy unless you can take back control and learn not to get caught up in it. The problem is when it starts to become your life and reality, like so many people that do not know any different. However there is a lot of amazing content that you can filter out from it, just don’t let it take over your world,  as Bruce Lee said you will miss all that heavenly glory. 

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