I don’t have any time to Practice!

Yep that is one of the biggest excuses I hear from students when they are not where they want to be in their martial art studies. Along with, I don’t have the space or I did try to practice but I didn’t want to practice it wrong! Without sounding harsh but its all bollocks! We […]

Loyalty within the Martial Arts

I read a good quote the other day which went something like ” When drinking from the well, do not forget where the water came from” My immediate reaction to this was “So what about if you discover that the water is poisonous after drinking from it for years?” This has really got my thinking […]

A 4 whole weeks!

Yeah, I’ve completed over 4 weeks without alcohol, well at the end of today I have.    I actually think that statement sounds really sad.  The fact that I’m feeling good about myself that I’ve gone a whole 4 weeks without an alcoholic drink.   I have been thinking a lot about the days before I  […]

One Year Without beer!

This might come to a bit of a shock to a lot of people but I do like a beer, well really its a bit more than that, I also like wine, cider, Lager, shorts, to be honest there’s not much alcohol that I would turn my nose up to. Despite practicing martial arts for […]