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Herefords Only Full Time Chinese Martial Arts Centre, We are a not for profit Martial arts centre in the heart of Hereford.
It's much more than kicking and punching.
We teach Respect, Discipline, Focus, Leadership skills and of course self defence skills! Our ethos is that anybody, regardless of age, ability or gender can benefit from taking up martial arts.
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We have 2 fully matted training areas, all coaches are dbs checked and have undergone safeguarding qualifications.

Our Classes

Traditional Kung Fu

Kung Fu, also spelled Gung Fu, is a generic term for martial arts originating in China. It’s basic translation meaning "a skill which is achieved through hard work".
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Little Dragons (3 - 6 Years)

Our Little Dragons training involves a session of fun Martial Arts orientated skills to develop a child's co-ordination, self-awareness and discipline. Each standard class lasts approximately 30 minutes, which maintains the child's attention.
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Chinese Kickboxing

Chinese Kickboxing is the name given to Matt's own system, based on the Chinese martial art Sanshou which was originally developed by the Chinese military and later become their national sport.
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Ladies Only

Come along alone or with a friend. you are guaranteed to enjoy our Ladies only class. You will learn a mix of martial arts skills and techniques, along with getting fit, staying healthy, meeting new people and having huge amounts of fun.
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Kung Fu Kids (6 - 12 Years)

Our Kung Fu kids classes offer something for all types of children with a strong emphasis on leadership skills and confidence building while teaching them tolerance, compassion and respect for themselves and other people.
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Tai Chi

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chaun basically translates into Ultimate Fist. Tai Chi is mostly known as the solo form which is a series of slow, smooth, relaxed exercises where control of the posture is of utmost importance.
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Hi, my name is Matt Hudd

I began my training in martial arts in 1979 when I was eight years old. My first discipline was Judo where I trained in old matted out tinned sheds; I can still smell the stench of sweat when you first entered. This was before Hereford’s Leisure Centre was even built. I studied Judo for three years but it wasn’t long after I got hooked on Bruce Lee in the TV programme The Green Hornet that I wanted to try the kicking arts.

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Its Friday! Day 5

Yeah, my favourite day of the week.   As much as I love teaching, its nice to have  a more relaxing day without the classes. We

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