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All our classes are held at our full time centre now with the exception of a couple. These are the Wednesday 10. 30 Tai Chi class which is held at the Whitehouse Community Hub and then the Tuesday Kung Fu kids and Adult Kung Fu.  

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Teaching children to fight young!

At 48 years of age, I am hoping that I will never need to use my martial arts for self defence ever again but I still practice just in case.

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Chantal and Amy

Swapping Therapy for Martial Arts

I was taking to a student the other day who has suffered from poor mental health for various reasons. What they said, took me back a little.

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Simple is never easy!

“Simple is not easy” is a term that is used in Martial Arts frequently but what does it really mean. I often describe mediation as the same.

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These are just a few of the things Matt's students have said about his teaching and the Academy: Read more Testimonials

"I started kickboxing with Matt at Ledbury as a fun and different way of getting fitter – I was bored with treadmills and weights at the gym. Once I started I got hooked on the belts – they are a great way of measuring your progress and feeling a sense of achievement. I got my black belt in three years - two months before my 47th birthday and am probably as fit now as I have ever been. It’s the only sports related award I have ever achieved – a source of much pride as I have never been the most co-ordinated or the fittest of people!"

- Cathy Jackson-Read , Ledbury Kickboxing student

Matt is a breath of Fresh air, he brings excitement into classes. When I finish a class, I've not only had a great workout, I really enjoyed it as well...And when I was training for my black belt, Matt was great at instructing, and also friendly, approachable, a genuine chap. I can't recommend him highly enough.

- Mary Massey , Hereford Kickboxing student


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