Something must change and that has to be yourself!

2020 was definitely going to be a year that will be in all future history books, you couldn’t make it up if you tried.  I wasn’t sure what to blog about this week so I am just going to waffle on and see where it goes. I’ve just put a post up on the Matt Hudd Martial Arts CIC Facebook page about making your own realities. I would like to expand on that for the time being. 
It was certainly living in crazy times with the virus, riots and everything else that happened. To be honest its all pretty sad and can get even the most strongest of persons down. I just scroll down my news feed on Facebook and the amount of people arguing with each other is unbelievable.  This has got to stop or there is going to be even more riots. 
I personally am finding things really hard to understand, yes I get that everyone has different views and beliefs but what is happening in regards to respecting other peoples views? There is a presupposition in NLP that has really helped me in my communicating and rapport skills when talking to people.  “Everyone has their own unique map of the world” That doesn’t mean the world as such, its talking about your own mind and thinking. In other words, we all think differently depending on our own experiences, beliefs and thoughts. When you really fully take this on board it opens up a whole new world of understanding other people. Have you ever been in an argument with someone your in a relationship with and you could never agree on a solution and you felt like banging your head against the wall, and so did your partner.  Its because both of your maps of the world were totally different, you couldn’t possibly agree as you both were telling the truth, unless one of you was blatantly lying that is. 
Another thing that I worry about is people not fully understanding how the subconscious mind works. Did you know that there is about 7 billion bits of information going into our heads every day? Now obviously if you remembered all this info, your mind would literally explode so what our mind does is filter only things that it thinks we need. The rest is either distorted, generalised or deleted depending on our past experiences. It then filters through to our subconscious mind. This is why hypnosis works, everything that you have ever learnt or experienced is in you, in fact its only 10% of things that we experience that we remember which is what we call our conscious mind. That is a hell of a lot of stuff that is going into your thought process that you are not even aware of! This is how advertising and marketing works, most of the time we are not even aware  how much that “Finger lickin good” tune has actually gone in your head. Big businesses spend millions on finding people that are good at this stuff. There’s a reason why you still get Domino leaflets through your door even thou every man and his dog know that Domino’s are the best pizza’s ever. 
So let me get to my point, everything that you are focusing on is becoming your reality. The more negative shit you are reading, which to be honest, its everywhere at the moment, the more shit your life and mind is going to be. 

There is an answer!

Stop watching and reading shit!  See, easy isn’t it? Obviously I’m half joking there but on a serious note, you do not need to take in half as much as you do. You then replace the half you’re removing out of your life with positive stuff.  I did this with my Facebook a while ago, I got rid of all my friends that wasn’t posting beneficial stuff and stopped my notifications. Just that little thing changed my life loads. I was getting information that I needed and liked and wasn’t being controlled by my phone.  I must confess that I need to have another cull now.  This method sounds easy but you would be surprised how much the ego wants to feel special. Facebook knew this when they invented the likes button. Nearly everyone wants to feel liked and special. I think now is the time we need to take control of our lives. I have been called ignorant because I never watch the news, in fact, we don’t even have normal TV, we just have an amazon firestick and watch movies or box sets.

Start being grateful for the great stuff in your life

Now in my map of the world, this is a lot harder said than done. Its taken me years to learn to be grateful for things. I remember people saying when I was young “you should be grateful for what you’ve got” All this did for me was to make me feel guilty, as I aged into adulthood I just didn’t feel anything when I tried to feel grateful. Now I’m nearly 50 and over half way through this life time, its starting to get easier as I may not be able to have the stuff that I’ve got in my life for that long now. If you are someone who finds it hard, a good exercise is to create a grateful book and once a day, write down everything that you have been grateful for in the last 24 hours. Believe me, this stuff works but what you are actually doing is putting positive things into your head instead of crap. There are numerous exercises and different ways to re-programme your mind to seeing the positives rather than the negatives. I have literally have enough content to write a book on it but for now, read read and read more stuff that’s going to inspire, motivate and make you feel good about yourself and your life. There is plenty of stuff out there that can help. Just be careful not to become a self help junky and not take action to lead to a better and happier life. I will finish there as I’m on my high horse now and I could waffle on all day. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. Please like it if you’ve found it worthwhile. 

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