Day 4: More of a challenge than I expected

Well its Wednesday already and yesterday was my hardest day, the Ledbury classes were pretty challenging however I thought the kids (and adults) did amazingly, especially the beginners.  The adults class was a bit of a laugh trying to get my message across but I thought I did a good job if I can blow my own trumpet 🙂

I think the evenings when I get in are harder as its the time me and Bryony relax and I can offload a bit. I’ve got to admit, last night I kept on forgetting that I wasn’t suppose to speak so I succumbed to using google text translator which did amuse us for a while.

Moving onto today, Wednesday, its been a blooming nightmare lol, one moment I am not sure that it was such a good decision all this but then now I’ve just finished the learning disabilities class, it feels worth it as they really enjoy the class  whether I’m speaking or not.  It wasn’t as hard as I expected and Xav and Bryony did a great job with communicating on my behalf.

Getting a bit heavy now, the reason why I’m not thinking it was such a good idea is because its not been the best week to do this, mainly because of my grandson is in hospital.  Its not that I can do anything about his position, I am communicating with my daughter a few times a day via messenger but its the outlet of emotions that I am having trouble with.  I am moaning now and using this blog to rant but I don’t personally have nothing to moan about. I’m fit healthy, have friends and family, have a house with heating and hot water.  Its all good.  This is why I teach people that to train the mind as the old saying goes,  money doesn’t make you happy is very true, obviously we can all make better choices with having money but if your mind isn’t right, having 6 zeros in the bank wont help.

I have worked with people with special needs for about 20 years now and communication varies so much within the people I’ve worked with.   Some of the people that I have worked with have what people called challenging behaviour, which is a term that I have never liked.   I have felt at times today that I just want to punch something because what I am trying to get across in my head seems pretty simple but not so to the person that I am trying to get my message across!

That’s it for now, I’m certainly not going to give up as I’m half way through and so many people have supported us, I hope my students and everyone else involved will learn something from this.

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