Day 5: Feeling a bit more positive today

Its Thursday and I’m over half way.

I am feeling more positive today, I’ve just finished the last Tai Chi class during this week of silence. The Tai Chi always helps to bring a sense of well being to your senses but I do feel its one of the easiest classes to do in silence. There could be a few reasons for that, it could be as it brings back memories of when I was in China, I spent just over 2 weeks there learning from a Tai Chi master who could not speak any English.  What I took away from it the most was that there is a universal language when teaching martial arts, you do not need to explain how to use your body verbally and to be honest the essence of martial arts is through feeling how you move. The other reason maybe that its a different clientele, the majority but not all are in their more mature years and enjoy it for what it is.

Today is our last Little Dragons class within this week too, we will see how that goes but I have enjoyed these classes in a different way.  As to make it a bit more fun, I’ve been joining in. I’d forgotten how hard work the going under and over hurdles actually was!

What does make me laugh is that the other coaches think they have to be quiet too, I am been having to write down “You can actually talk, its me that’s not allowed”  a lot.  Thinking about even the students are spaeking very quietly around me!


I’m going to log off now, looking forward to tomorrow as I’ve only got the 11 am Kung Fu class to do 🙂




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